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About Us


The Equine Mechanic

Mike has been a Master Butcher for 35 years but has always had a passion for horses. He has been involved with the local Pony Club for the last 10 years, helping kids to enjoy and bond with their horses. Turning his love for horses into a career has been his ultimate goal for many years. After completing his training through Equestricare to become an Equine Sports Therapist, Mike has been able to help many people and their horses gain maximum performance and maximum wellbeing. Mike’s knowledge of the skeletal system and muscle structures through being a butcher has really helped him to have the best understanding of how everything works within the horse. Mike has a great feel for horses and understands what issues they might have going on, he is able to treat these issues with a number of techniques and sources including; hand massage, Stretches, Photonic Therapy and Equissage.
Mike also offers a small training side to his business, taking in horses that need additional ground training or problem solving. He also offers some ridden training for horses that require some re-education or troubleshooting discipline/behavioural issues.


Grooming and Product Sales

Kate is a qualified Florist and has been running a successful Wedding Flower Business for 23 years. Also having a love for horses, Kate decided to change her career path and join Mike in his Equine Mechanic business. Kate now runs an online Equine Mechanic Facebook Store, selling useful equine products. Kate also enjoys being out and about at shows and events doing demos with her fantastic products, helping people to achieve the best results with their horses. Kate also assists Mike with the clipping.